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Do I need a nail polish base and top coat?

Do I need a nail polish base and top coat?

Though many of us may disagree, salons are not considered “essential” businesses. During 2020, when a majority of nail salons had to close, this meant that those of us who were used to visiting the nail salon on a regular basis had to become our own nail techs. 

Though it was probably disastrous at first, through much trial and error, you might’ve even discovered you like doing your own nails at home. You save money, time, and now have a new creative outlet!

However, you probably still have some questions regarding the art of achieving the perfect manicure.

For example, you might be wondering...

“Do I really need to use a nail polish base and top coat?”

The answer is: Yes, you should be using a base and top coat whenever you paint your nails. Although these products just seem like clear coats of polish, base and top coats both have beneficial qualities that are an important part of your manicure routine.

Let’s take a look at the many benefits of a base and top coat so you can see for yourself why you never want to skip these steps.


Benefits of a base coat:

Applying a base coat to your nails before you apply your polish will provide a barrier between your nails and the nail polish color, which will help protect your nails from being stained by the polish. This helps keep your nails looking healthy and clean.

Additionally, our ‘Undercover’ Sticky Base Coat bonds with the nail polish to help your manicure last longer and avoid premature chipping. It’s a can’t-miss step in your nail routine!

Base coats are even beneficial when it comes to removing your nail polish. Since the base coat provides a barrier between your nail and the polish, removing nail polish is a quick and easy process. You won’t spend time scrubbing away at your nails to remove the stubborn leftover polish.


Benefits of a top coat:

After you apply your base coat and a few coats of nail polish, you will want to seal your manicure up with a top coat. Our ‘Cover Up’ Quick Dry Top Coat in particular uses quick drying technology to help your nails dry faster.

Applying a top coat also seals in the polish to reduce chipping and make your manicure last longer.  

Top coats also help conceal minor imperfections like lines and dents on your nails as well as lock in shine to give your manicure a salon quality finish!

Some people think base and top coats are optional steps in their manicure routine, but as you can see, base and top coats are essential and can be the determining factor between a manicure that lasts and one that doesn’t.

Our ‘Undercover’ Sticky Base Coat and ‘Cover Up’ Quick Dry Top Coat are formulated to protect your nails, extend your manicure, and give your nails a professional finish. When you use them with our 10-free vegan nail lacquers, we are confident your manicure routine will be transformed and you will never look back!



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