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You’re 'BETTER OFF' with Huella's Plant-Based Magic in a Bottle

Hey, Huella Babes! 

Let's be real, we all adore switching up our nail colors (thanks to all the fabulous shades Huella brings to our vanity). But, the struggle of removing that stubborn, last week's glitter polish? Ugh! Say no more, babe. We've got something that'll make you and Mother Nature super happy!

Introducing... our 'BETTER OFF' Plant-Based Nail Lacquer Remover!


Why It’s a Game-Changer:

Kiss Acetone Goodbye! 

Tired of the harsh chemicals drying out your nails? Our ‘BETTER OFF’ remover is acetone and alcohol-free, replacing them with the gentle power of soy. It's all about the love, not the damage!

Spa Experience Every Time! 

As you swipe away that nail polish, envelop your senses with the calming and naturally-scented lavender aroma. It’s like having a mini spa day, right at home.

Jojoba Joy 

With Jojoba Oil rich in Vitamins E and B, your nails get the royal treatment. Wave goodbye to damaged collagen and hello to improved strength and growth.

Essential Vitamin E

This little vitamin acts as a superhero antioxidant. It works wonders to repair, strengthen, and hydrate your nails and cuticles.

Lavender Love 

With its rich antimicrobial properties, Lavender Oil is the knight in shining armor your nails didn’t know they needed. From moisturizing the cuticle, protecting from infections, to promoting keratin growth, it’s a triple threat!

Effortless Removal 

Our sleek packaging is not just pretty to look at. No cotton or wipes needed – swipe away with total ease. Whether it’s your fingers or toes, ‘BETTER OFF’ ensures a clean and nourishing experience.



The best part is that, ‘BETTER OFF’ is…

  • Plant-Based 
  • Acetone-Free
  • Uber-Moisturizing
  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

So next time when it's polish swapping time, know you're in good hands (literally)! Give your nails the TLC they deserve with the magic of natural beauty.

Just another reason you’re better off with Huella ;)

Stay shiny, stay kind to nature, and above all, stay fab!


The Huella Team

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