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9 Common Manicure Mistakes You Are Probably Making

9 Common Manicure Mistakes You Are Probably Making

9 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Manicure

9 Reasons Your Manicure is Chipping after 2 days


We’ve all been there before - you spend hours giving yourself the perfect manicure to only have it chip within a few days. Even if you think you are doing everything right, you could be sabotaging your mani before you paint your first nail. Here are 9 common manicure mistakes you are probably making and how to fix them:


1. Not keeping your nails and cuticles moisturized

 It’s important to make sure your cuticles and nails stay moistured so that they stay strong. Dry nails and cuticles are prone to becoming brittle and therefore chipping or breaking easily. Moisturized nails and cuticles will help your manicure stay chip-free for as long as possible!


2. Cutting your cuticles

 It may be tempting to cut your cuticles when giving yourself a manicure - especially if you have hangnails. However, cutting your cuticle will cause them to open up which will make them very prone to bacteria and infection. Instead of cutting them, you should push them back and let them heal on their own.


3. Filing your nails back and forth

Not many people know this but filing your nails back and forth can be extremely damaging for your nails. Filing in this motion weakens the tip of the nail, making it very easy for them to break. Although it may be more time consuming, it is very important to file each nail in just one direction to make sure they stay strong.


4. Shaking the nail polish bottle

Many people - including nail artists at professional salons - make this mistake. When you shake a nail polish bottle, it traps the air inside the bottle which creates tiny bubbles in the polish. Instead of shaking, you should roll the bottle between your hands before you start painting.


5. Not using a basecoat

 There are many people that think that basecoats are optional, however, basecoats are a lot like paint primer - they prep the nails for polish and create a strong foundation to help avoid premature chipping. So, make sure you apply a good basecoat before applying your polish.


6. Applying the polish too thick

 Applying a thick layer of polish is a guaranteed way to have a smudged manicure. The proper way to apply nail polish is in 3 thin strokes - first down the middle of the nail, next down one side of the nail, and finally down the other side. Repeat this until all the nails have an even and opaque color.


7. Not sealing the tip of your nail

Since the tips of the nails are the easiest part to chip, it is important to seal the tip of each nail by painting the edges of the tip. This will help keep your manicure perfect for as long as possible!


 8. Using a Q-tip to clean up

Most people use a Q-tip to clean up the edges of each nail, however, the small fuzzies on the Q-tip can get stuck in your polish, which can easily make for a less-than-perfect manicure. Instead of using a Q-tip, a small, precise makeup brush is a much better alternative. Plus, it’s a reusable option!


 9. Not paying attention to ingredients

 If you weren’t already aware, LOTS of nail products are filled with toxic and harmful ingredients. These toxic ingredients can cause a lot of damage to not only your nails but your body too. Make sure you are always looking at ingredients and making sure the product is clean. Huella Nail Lacquer has a clean, 10-free formula, so it’s a great option. You can read all about our 10-free formula here. (link to truly 10-free)


If you follow these 9 tips, your manicure is sure to stay chip-free and flawless for as long as possible! For more tips, make sure you check out this blog for 8 tips on how you can have healthy and beautiful nails. 




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