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Welcome to Huella, a leader in the clean nail polish world. Our Truly 10-Free™ vegan nail lacquer uses an innovative formula, specifically designed to give you flawless coverage & brilliant shine. Our versatile, chip-resistant colors are handcrafted without the use of the common toxic-10 ingredients. Each bottle of lacquer includes a professional-grade flat brush to give you an even application with every stroke.


About the Huella Affiliate Program

The Huella affiliate program is a great way to start earning money from your own website by promoting our brand. The registration process is simple and free of charge. If accepted into our affiliate program you will be rewarded with commission from each sale your site generates. 


Affiliate benefits

- Early access to product launches

- Access to free products throughout the year

- Earn 10% commission on each sale made through your affiliate link

- 10% off code to share with your friends and followers

- 30 day cookie window period for accurate tracking

- Get real time reporting and sales tracking

- Ability to promote the latest on promotions

- Newsletter updates direct from us

- Sign up is free


What are the requirements to become an affiliate?

In order to participate we ask our ambassadors to authentically promote our brand and products. To continue to receive complimentary products, we ask our affiliates who are accepted to promote on a 2x monthly basis. We ask for a minimum of 1 post (post or video) per product received each month. We offer up to 3 complimentary products per month for each of our affiliates. 

**Huella has the right to use and repost any affiliate content to their website and all social channels at no cost. We require you to tag @huellabeauty in the caption or photo so that we are able to easily identify these posts.?**


Can I use Huella content?

Although we would always prefer you create your own content, especially for social media, we do offer select creative files, such as banners and photos for using on blogs and websites. We do ask that you do not use content created by other creators. 


What type of post is required?

For a post, it can be a combination of photos or videos, although we do prefer videos. 


What if I am unable to dedicate a post for the upcoming month?

No problem at all. If for any reason you can not post for the following month, you can just skip your free product request for that month. There are no penalties. 


How often am I eligible to request products?

We offer free products on a once a month basis. All you need to do is head to our site and request the complimentary products when you are ready.


How do I receive my complimentary products?

Once approved, we will provide you a link to our system, which will allow you to request products on our website. Use this link for future requests through our dedicated system.


Will I have a dedicated affiliate link?

Yes. you will have a dedicated affiliate link that you can use to embed in a website or blog, or use on your social media. When someone uses the link to make a purchase, if will count towards your commission.


Can I provide a discount to my followers?

Yes, you will be able to choose a unique discount code that you can provide to each of your followers for a discount off of our entire website.


What if my followers do not choose to use my discount code? 

Each affiliate is provided with a dedicated affiliate link, you will still be compensated even if a customer uses your link, but decides not to use the affiliate dedicated coupon code. 


How long is a cookie valid for?

To ensure that each of our affiliates are compensated appropriately we use cookies that are valid for 30 days.


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